My Lament is a doom metal band from Belgium. Founded at the end of 2002 by Steven and Vincent, they were on stage by the end of the following year. In 2004 Paul joins, which heralds a productive period of hard work on the d├ębut demo and a number of concerts. The band is stricken with line-up issues late 2006, but despite this setback, My Lament records their first full-length album “Broken Leaf” in 2008, releasing it to critical acclaim in 2009 via the Russian doom metal label, “Solitude Productions”. This opens the door to bigger concerts and a successful new phase in My Lament history.

After a while however, the band is once again plagued by changes to the roster and for a time the lamentations fall relatively silent, to be heard mainly on the fringe of the metal scene with the band’s involvement in a musical theatre project about the poet William Blake. My Lament re-emerges from their doom metal mound in the Winter of 2014 with a new solid line-up ready to perform both old tracks and songs from the “Sorrow” EP released in the Spring of 2015. Invigorated by new influences, the band is on its way to their most prolific age yet.

Paul Broeren (guitars)
Robrecht Vandemeulebroecke (vocals+guitars)
Vincent Jacobs (drums)
Steven Sarlet (bass)